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[Yes, this is me.]


I wish to welcome all my friends
The old and new and yet to be
To come sit down and stay a while
At this, my house, with me

We can laugh, and we can cry
And we can heal, and we can bleed
We can sing songs aloud or
Share a hug if we feel the need

(Original poem by Hopeful Heart 1998)

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     I built this site, but there are many talented writers here who inspired me. Visit each of the poetry pages, one at a time. Much of what you'll find here is poetry about love, and the loss of love. Many of the authors on these pages I met in the Widows and Widowers room on America Online. That's a story all by itself. For many, the writing helps them heal, and for many others, the reading, and realization that none of us are really alone in what we're going through, helps them heal.

     For those of you that were curious - this is a totally non-commercial web site.  It's just a very rewarding, and time-consuming,  hobby of mine.  The closest thing you'll find here to any advertising at all would be the small links at the bottom of each page, that take you to the places I found the graphics (backgrounds & artwork) I used there.

[Back to Home Page]      If you want to come back to my home page from any of my pages, click on this little button (shown on the left) that you can find at the bottom of all of my pages that says "This Web Page is A Labor of Love by Hopeful Heart."

     If you write poetry, and you think it would go nicely here, please - email some to me, and if I like it, I'll most likely add it to the site, giving full credit.

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Special gifts dont always come
In boxes, brightly wrapped.
The best ones seem to just appear ...
Out of the blue, perhaps.

A special gift may not be seen
Or held in gentle hands.
It may not have a special name
Or come from foreign lands.

A special gift comes from the heart,
An offering of love.
True friendship is a Special Gift
That comes from high above.

Not often in this lifetime
Do we get a chance to share
A special gift from heaven.
A special friend who cares.

I have been so lucky
To receive this special gift.
A gentle friend with heart of gold
Has given such a lift.

He has lifted spirits high
And let me see his soul.
He always gives to others,
No matter what the toll.

I dont know how to thank him.
I am so glad he came.
He is a Special Gift from GOD,
And always shall remain.

Written for John (Hopeful Heart)
August 22, 1998
Jan Harris

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